Is it finally time to seek professional commercial roof repair services? Problems with a commercial roof can be a nightmare for any business owner. This is especially true when the issues seem to happen repeatedly. From building structural damage and mold concerns to potential damage to your expensive equipment, electronics, and products, it’s essential to address the issues sooner than later. Over time, neglected roofing problems can become costlier to repair. Furthermore, neglecting them may even require a premature roof replacement.

Keep reading to learn the common signs indicating you require a professional commercial roofing team’s services for your business’s roof.

#1: Damaged Roofing Materials

Roofing membrane and flashing damage can leave the roof unable to keep the moisture out of your commercial building. Tree limbs, accumulating snow or ice, and other falling debris can injure the membrane. Storms and fluctuating temperatures can damage the flashing, which seals the water from coming through the roof. If you notice significant bald spots on the roof’s membrane, it’s time to schedule repair.

#2: Visible Water Damage

Flat commercial roofs, in particular, suffer from poor design, which can lead to standing water on the surface. The water accumulation puts too much weight on the roof, damaging the membranes, leading to leaks. If you notice visible water stains or marks on your building’s ceiling or walls, you need professional repair services to stop the water from further damaging your property.

#3: Commercial Roof Deck Wear and Tear

A roof that isn’t keeping the moisture out will often show the wear and tear on the roof deck. It isn’t always evident to the untrained eye, but a qualified roofer will be able to inspect the roof deck and membrane and provide the right solution.

#4: Rising Electric Bills Due to Poor Insulation

As your roof ages or experiences damage, the insulation may not be working as it should. Your commercial roof should provide insulation to keep the climate-controlled air inside the building. If you notice your electric bills are increasing without a change to your HVAC usage, you likely need an experienced technician to address a roof insulation issue.

Discover the Benefits of Qualified Commercial Roofing Repair

Scheduling expert roof repair from a licensed and insured roofing company as soon as you suspect you have a roofing problem is your best course of action. Neglecting the issue will only further complicate matters and lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the road.

At Capital Roofing, Inc., our experts have the knowledge and tools to quickly identify your commercial roofing problem and provide the long-lasting repair you need. We can help you determine if professional repair is your best option, or if you should consider investing in a new commercial roof to protect your business.

Repair Your Commercial Roof Sooner than Later

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