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Finding a reliable company for a roof replacement Mt. Airy couldn’t be more convenient. Capital Roofing crews have the experience, skills, and materials necessary to handle any job. We make it easy to maintain your home and to schedule critical roof repairs before wind, rain, and other weather events cause damage.



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When Should You Replace Vs Repair Your Roof?

Regular roof inspections turn up all kinds of issues that don’t cost a lot to fix. Stay on top of these issues, and your roof should last close to 20 years or more, as long as Mother Nature plays along. All it takes is one storm to wind up with a major problem.

You can sometimes repair patches of your roof, replace bad shingles, or reseal flashing to repair minor damage. Of course, there are times when replacing your whole roof makes more sense. Examples include:

● There’s damage to the roof decking
● You already have two layers of shingles
● The roof is close to 20 years old
● Your roof is close to the end of its warranty
● You want matching shingles
● You’ll be selling your home soon

Price also makes a big difference. Sometimes, a total roof replacement doesn’t cost much more than a needed repair – something to keep in mind when the budget is the priority.

Planning For A Roof Replacement My Airy

Most of our customers don’t share our excitement for planning a new roof. However, we like nothing more than figuring out which materials will work best for a specific home. We want to pick what best fits your needs, the area you live in, the architecture of your home, and your budget.

We’ve partnered with Certainteed, one of the top manufacturers in the industry, so that we can access their latest products. This includes shingles resistant to high winds, heavy rain, and other dangers. Here are just a few of Certainteed’s top-selling products:

● Landmark Solaris: solar-reflecting shingles help keep your home’s cooling costs low
● Landmark IR: these impact-resistant shingles withstand heavy rain and hail
● Architectural shingles: get the look of cedar shakes or slate without the premium cost

Certainteed shingles are sturdier and more attractive than many other brands. They’re a great option when you want a roof that looks beautiful, will last, and can stand up to the elements.

Want to make sure your roof has a long life? Get the most out of your home’s new shingles and decking by scheduling regular inspections. It’s also important to keep your roof clear of debris and to clean your gutters regularly. But if you find that, even with the right roof TLC, you still need a new roof, let someone else handle the heavy lifting. Our expert team at Capital Roofing can assist you with all your roofing needs, including replacement.

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