A roof replacement is a considerable investment for your home. Take a look at the top 5 insurance roof replacement questions you should be asking.

#1: How Does the Insurance Company Determine Whether They Will Cover the Costs

Most insurance companies send an inspector to your home to determine the extent of the roof damage. They will look for visible issues like excessive granular loss or missing shingles. Other signs showing your roof has experienced irreparable damage include exposed underlayment and dark streaks from algae growth. If the inspector finds any of these signs, they will be more likely to report that your roof is eligible for replacement coverage.

#2: Should I Put a Tarp Over My Damaged Roof?

Placing a tarp over your damaged roof shows the insurance company that you are taking steps to prevent further roof or interior home damage. Typically, they will recommend you take this step as soon as possible, especially if the weather forecast calls for precipitation. Not covering your roof with a tarp may give the insurance company reason to deny your claim.

#3: Will My Insurance Rates Increase If I Get a Roof Replacement?

Don’t worry that your insurance premium will increase due to a necessary roof replacement. Many homeowners assume home insurance is the same as auto insurance policies, but this is untrue. In some cases, you may experience a rate hike if your area has had widespread storm damage. But filing your roof replacement claim will not increase your rates.

#4: What Can I Expect from Insurance Reimbursement?

When you receive reimbursement from the insurance provider, the time frame and the process vary from company to company. You may receive only partial reimbursement, or the settlement may fully cover the costs of a new roof. It depends on your specific home insurance policy. If you have an actual cash value (ACV) plan, you will receive a check based on the depreciated roof value. If you have a policy with replacement cost (RC) coverage, insurance will likely cover the total cost of a roof replacement. Keep in mind, you will still be responsible for the deductible.

#5: Should I Get Multiple Roof Replacement Estimates?

It’s unnecessary to give multiple estimates to your insurance company, but you may want to search for the best contractor to maximize your investment. The insurance provider will only pay for the essential repairs, regardless of how much a roofing contractor charges. This means, you will be responsible for the difference if the amount the insurance covers is less than the contractor you choose charges.

Let Capital Roofing Answer Your Insurance Roof Replacement Questions

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