Keep your roof secure without spending a fortune with the following roof maintenance tips. At Capital Roofing, we know the importance of affordable home services. Be sure to get in touch if you run into problems. Otherwise, follow these roof maintenance tips and steps each year to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

1. Do a Visual Roof Inspection Twice a Year and After Big Storms

What can a visual inspection really do? Even if you’re not familiar with roofing construction, chances are you’ll recognize a problem when you see one. Curling shingles, mildew, and a garden growing out of your gutters are all signs of trouble. If you see a problem, call a professional to handle repairs ASAP.

2. Remove Debris from the Roof of Your Home

Similarly, limbs, leaves, dust, and other scrap can litter the roof of your home. Once there, debris can damage shingles, threaten to puncture your roof, and attract pests. Sometimes, you can access the roof easiest through an upstairs window. If possible, stay safely inside while using a leaf blower or broom to gently clear away refuse.

3. Eradicate Mildew

Streaking occurs when strips of mildew form along your roof. These ugly green-to-black colored slicks of slime look disgusting, but they can also damage your shingles. It might take a professional to fix the problem.

4. Clean Your Gutters

Most importantly, your gutter system plays a huge role in the ongoing condition of your home. Not only does it clear water off your roof, but the downspouts help carry water away from your home’s foundation. Once your gutters are clear, consider installing guards to keep them that way.

5. Trim Nearby Trees

One of the most dangerous projectiles in a storm is a bulky tree limb. Make an accident less likely by trimming loose branches away from the trees above your home.

What if a problematic tree belongs to a neighbor? Do your best to work together. Just remember the law in most areas puts the liability on the tree owner. Knowing their bank account is in the balance might be enough to convince them to lend a hand.

6. Doublecheck Insulation and Airflow

Finally, the summer sun beating down on your home can cause indoor temperatures to rise. Your AC will have to work extra hard, and you’ll spend more money than needed. More importantly, your roofing materials may crack under pressure. Use insulation in the attic and products like CertainTeed® Ridge Vents to keep your roof cool.

So, call our team at Capital Roofing if you need help with any of these roof maintenance tips. We offer our customers friendly, reliable service and provide free written estimates.