Do your home’s curling shingles need to be replaced? One day, as you’re working around the yard, you glance up at the roof of your home and see curling shingles. The sight stops you dead in your tracks. Oh my gosh, does the roof need to be replaced? Visions of completely blowing the household budget immediately come to mind. Before you panic, let’s take a closer look at this common roofing problem and find out what you can do about it.

Why Do Roofing Shingles Curl?

Do a few curled up shingles really mean you need to replace the entire roof? First, let’s identify why they may curl:

● The Attic Ventilation Is Poor: Excessive heat in the attic under the shingles can cause moisture buildup. As a result, mold begins to grow under the shingles causing them to lift and curl.

● Defective Installation: If the original roofers installed the shingles incorrectly, misaligned them, or did not nail them down properly, the shingles may begin to curl. It is also possible that the materials were defective.

● Severe Weather: The roof is exposed to every kind of harsh weather. Heavy rain, sun, hail, wind, and snow all take a toll on the ability of a roof to do its job properly.

● Age: Nothing lasts forever – and so it is with roofing shingles. Depending on the type of shingle, the life expectancy may be from 15 to 30 years. As shingles age and begin to deteriorate, they may curl.

Do Curling Shingles Need to Be Replaced, Repaired, or Do Nothing?

Once you’ve determined the reason for the curling, you can begin to consider solutions. If the curling only appears in one section or on one side of a fairly young roof, a repair may be possible.

Under “normal” conditions, slight curling may indicate the beginning of age-related issues. So, you may have between 1 to 5 years before the roof needs a replacement.

On the other hand, if the curling is accompanied by missing shingles, the presence of algae, lichen, or moss, and visible roofing granules are present in the gutters, it is probably time to replace the roof.

Finally, doing nothing is the worst possible option. Curling shingles can eventually lead to pooling or seepage of water that may cause significant damage to your home. Most professional roofing companies will provide a free evaluation of the condition and estimate of the cost to repair or replace the roof.

Turn to the Pros at Capital Roofing

On their own, curling shingles do not necessarily signal the immediate need for a new roof. At Capital Roofing, our knowledgeable and reliable roofing professionals can evaluate your situation and suggest solutions. So, connect with us online now or call us today at (706) 717-ROOF to speak to our expert roofers.