Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof ReplacementIf you are wondering if homeowners insurance will cover your roof replacement, you aren’t alone. Homeowners tend to be confused about this topic and unsure if they can get help paying for a new roof or not. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances in which roof replacement is not part of the policy coverage. It’s crucial to understand when homeowners insurance covers roof replacement and when it does not. This will help you determine your options if you have a damaged roof.

Check with Your Homeowners Insurance Company First

Keep in mind that homeowners insurance policies tend to vary significantly from company to company. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance agent when you need a roof replacement to learn the details of your specific policy. Most importantly, they will be able to answer your questions and help you know the best way to move forward.

What Caused Your Need for Roof Replacement?

The reason for your roof replacement will determine whether or not your insurance policy will cover it. For example, if you have neglected roof maintenance and your roof is now leaking, your insurance is unlikely to cover replacement. However, if a tree branch fell on your roof during a storm and your roof is leaking, the insurance is likely to pay for either a repair or replacement.

Will insurance pay for all the costs related to a roof replacement? It depends on your policy’s coverage limits. You may only receive partial reimbursement. Your insurance agent can help you know what to expect.

Roof Replacement After a Natural Disaster or Sudden Accident

In most cases, a homeowner’s policy covers damage resulting from unexpected disasters or unavoidable events like fire, lightning, wind, hail, and tornados. And, roof destruction from a sudden accidental event will typically qualify you for coverage. Some insurance policies list the specific “perils” they will cover. In addition to contacting your insurance company, you can read the details of your policy to know for sure.

Roof Replacement Due to Wear and Tear

How do you know if your roof issues are due to general wear and tear? Premature roof replacement typically happens when a homeowner does not perform regular roof inspections and maintenance. Regular roof maintenance may include:

  • Pruning trees that touch the roof
  • Cleaning roof gutters regularly
  • Scheduling periodic roof inspections with a roofing professional
  • Repairing any minor issues as they arise

If you have never given your roof the proper attention, the homeowners insurance company may label your roof problem as a “general wear and tear” issue. Unfortunately, this means the costs of roof replacement will be your responsibility.

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