Whether you have a flat roof or are considering installing one, you may wonder how do flat roofs drain water from its seemingly non-sloped surface. After all, it is flat. Other roofing styles feature a visible slope to allow rainwater, melting snow, and other precipitation to roll off, but the flat roof appears slope-free.

Read on to learn about different drainage options a flat roof may have to prevent pooling water and a soggy roof.

What Are Flat Roofs?

Flat roofs are a common feature of modern architecture, lending a sleek appearance and efficient use of space. However, one challenge of flat roofs is that they don’t have a natural slope for water to run off. As a result, they require an effective drainage system to prevent water or debris from pooling and causing damage to the roof and property’s structure.

Most flat roofs feature one of three drainage systems:

Interior drains – these work like shower drains, connecting to pipes below the roof where the water travels down and empties into a downspout or gutter on the building.

Gutters – the most common and cost-effective flat roof drainage system, gutters catch the precipitation as it rolls off the roof, diverting it away from the structure through a downspout.

Scuppers – the most effective solution for flat roof drainage, scuppers are large openings along the roof’s edge that shoot out excess water. Roofers often pair scuppers with downspouts to direct water flow to a specific location away from the property’s structure.

Hiring experienced professionals who can design and install an effective drainage system for your flat roof is essential. The proper drainage solution will ensure your roof performs optimally and for as long as possible.

How to Maximize Your Flat Roof Investment

No matter which drainage system you choose for a flat roof, it’s crucial to find a reliable roofing company. A good company will perform professional maintenance services. Hence, regular inspections and cleaning of the roof and drainage system will prevent clogs and blockages. This keeps water from backing up and damaging the roof.

With an expertly installed flat roof, you’ll experience several benefits, including:

  • Fast, affordable installation
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance and less need for repair
  • Long lifespan
  • Ability to use the roof as an outdoor living space, like a rooftop garden or seating area

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