“Should I repair or replace my roof?” That’s a popular question many homeowners ask after finding damage. And the answer varies from case to case. While repairing a roof is much cheaper than installing a new one, it’s not always the best decision. Here’s what to consider before calling a roofing company:

Is the Damage Minor?

Roofs take a beating every single day. From direct sunlight to high winds and rain, you rely on the shingles to protect the inside of your home. But over time, you might find small leaks or missing shingles. Repair or replace? In many cases, repairing the problem will suffice.

You can repair the following types of minor roofing damage:

  • Missing shingles
  • Nail pops
  • Small punctures or holes
  • Minor weather damage
  • Splitting
  • Shrinkage
  • Leaks around the chimney or pipe boot

Repairs don’t work on extensive damage. While you might be able to apply a temporary patch, it won’t hold for the long run. Instead, replacing a badly damaged roof is better (and more cost-effective).

Is the Roof Old?

Age matters when determining whether you should repair a roof or not. Roofs have a pretty long lifespan. Even the cheapest shingles should last for 15 years. Costlier options can hold up for 20 to 30 years, but there’s no guarantee your roof will last this long. All it takes is one powerful storm to damage your roof beyond repair.

Do you have a little bit of hail damage on a two-year-old roof? There’s no reason to buy a new roof yet. A simple repair should resolve the issue. When should you install a new one? It’s best to replace any roof nearing the end of its lifespan. Fixing a 20-year-old roof will only lead to more headaches down the road.

Is the Roof Rotting?

A sturdy roof keeps moisture where it belongs—outside. However, as the shingles wear out, water might seep underneath. Sure, slapping on a few new shingles might stop more water from getting inside, but it won’t fix the rotting boards. A sagging roof is a tell-tale sign of extensive water damage.

A rotten roof is a serious problem that you should address immediately. It’s only a matter of time before the water makes it inside the rest of your house. Installing a new roof is the only solution. Roofers will remove the existing shingles and replace the damaged boards.

Need Roof Repair or Replacement? Capital Roofing Can Help!

Taking care of your home starts with the roof. Addressing missing shingles or right away reduces the risk of damage to the rest of your property. With over 25 years of experience, Capital Roofing is the leading roofing company in Cornelia, GA. Our experts will inspect your roof to determine the best solution. We guarantee unbeatable service and unrivaled craftsmanship.

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