If you are planning for a new roof installation, you may be wondering if you should go with light or dark roof colors. You want the finished project to make your home look its best. To achieve an attractive and cohesive look, the experts recommend taking a close look at the unique design features of your home as you determine the best roof color. Keep reading to get the information you need to help you when choosing roof colors.

Determine the Design Aesthetic You Like Most

There are two primary directions you can go with your roof color based on your home’s design and color scheme:

Monochromatic: Using a roof color that matches closely or is a slightly different shade than your home exterior. A popular trend in the 1990s, going with a monochromatic design palette is still a method some homeowners use today.

Contrast: Using a dark roof with a lighter home exterior or a light roof with a darker home exterior. Contrasting the roof with the siding or trim creates a more dramatic look for your home.

Consider Your Surroundings When Choosing Roof Colors

The location of your home is another important consideration when choosing a new roof color. For example, a black roof on a bright, colorful home in South Florida just doesn’t work. Likewise, a white roof on a rustic mountain cabin isn’t a good fit. Take a look at homes in your area or neighborhood and note the homes with exteriors that catch your eye in a good way. You’ll likely see that houses similar to yours have a specific roof color scheme you may want to copy.

Choose the Roof Color You Like

Sometimes it’s just better to buck the trends and go with what you like. After all, this is your home, and you will be the one living there each day. If a certain roof color brings you joy, go with that! If you like a darker roof but are concerned about it impacting your home’s indoor climate, no need to worry. The roof color you choose won’t affect your home’s climate as long as it has the proper insulation.

Turn to Capital Roofing for Beautiful, Long-Lasting Roof Installation

If you would like a professional recommendation for the roofing color that’s best for your home, feel free to reach out to the friendly professionals at Capital Roofing. We can help you identify the right roofing type and shade to give you a beautiful result that will bring you pride. Plus, our installation services are second to none.

From help choosing roof colors to expert long-lasting roof installation that gets the job done right the first time, you can count on us! Connect with us online now to get a free estimate for your roof installation from Capital Roofing.