You may be wondering will insurance pay for my new roof if you have a damaged roof. It can be overwhelming to pay for the replacement out of pocket. What caused the roof damage will likely determine whether or not your plan will cover the replacement costs. Of course, it’s also essential to keep in mind that every insurance company and plan is different.

Contacting your insurance agent is the quickest way to determine what your specific insurance plan covers, including any coverage limits. Knowing what to expect will help you in the long run and save you some headaches.

What Happened to Your Roof?

Your insurance company may cover some of the costs related to a roof replacement but not others. In most cases, insurers do not cover roof replacement due to old age, lack of maintenance, or wear and tear. For example, if the asphalt shingles on your residential roof are more than twenty years old, the insurance company is unlikely to cover the replacement. On the other hand, if your roof problems result from recent storm damage and now you have a roof leak, the company may pay for partial or full reimbursement.

A general rule of thumb is that insurance will may pay for part or all of a new roof in the following scenarios:

  • An act of nature caused the damage.
  • An accidental event caused the roof damage.
  • The roof is not yet twenty years old.

What Disqualifies Your Roof from Insurance Coverage?

The number one factor preventing coverage for a roof replacement is if the roof is too old. Insurance companies will typically not foot the bill if the installation took place more than twenty years ago. A company is also unlikely to pay when the need for replacement is more cosmetic than safety-related. Finally, neglecting roof maintenance is another sure way to void any roof replacement coverage.

Let Us Help You with Your Home’s Roof Replacement

When the time comes to replace your roof, you should first contact your insurance agent to learn more about your coverage. The next thing?

Reach out to the local trusted roofing professionals at Capital Roofing. Our dedicated team brings more than 25 years of experience to your roofing project. Whether you are paying out of pocket or have insurance coverage, you will appreciate our affordable, reliable roofing services. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide attentive customer service to put your mind at ease.

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