storms affect roofs

Preparing for Summer: How Storms Affect Roofs

June 8, 2020

As the season transitions to summer, the chance for storms increases, making it an excellent time to learn as much as you can about how storms affect roofs. Taking a proactive approach to potential roof damage will mean you are ready for whatever may come your home’s way. Plus, you’ll know how to act fast…

How Do You Know If You Need a New Roof

How Do You Know If You Need a New Roof?

May 11, 2020

If you’ve noticed the roof on your home looks old, dirty, or worn, you probably scratched your head and wondered if you need a new roof. A functional rooftop is vital to keeping your home safe and dry. It keeps out the elements, insulates your home, and gives you peace of mind. Before it completely…

extend the life of a shingle roof

How to Extend the Life of a Shingle Roof

October 3, 2019

A roof replacement is a big investment and, like many homeowners, you may be wondering how you can extend the life of your shingle roof. Your roof works hard for your home, protecting it from rain, hail, and sun exposure. It has the very important job of shielding you and your family from the elements.…

do curling shingles need to be replaced

Do Curling Shingles Need to Be Replaced?

September 9, 2019

Do your home’s curling shingles need to be replaced? One day, as you’re working around the yard, you glance up at the roof of your home and see curling shingles. The sight stops you dead in your tracks. Oh my gosh, does the roof need to be replaced? Visions of completely blowing the household budget…

roof maintenance tips

6 Roof Maintenance Tips

August 9, 2019

Keep your roof secure without spending a fortune with the following roof maintenance tips. At Capital Roofing, we know the importance of affordable home services. Be sure to get in touch if you run into problems. Otherwise, follow these roof maintenance tips and steps each year to keep your roof in tip-top shape. 1. Do…

Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

May 10, 2019

One of the biggest investments a homeowner will make throughout the years is replacing a roof. No one wants to think about spending a lot of money on a new roof, but once your old roof wears out, it’s a purchase you’ll have to make. If you wait too long to replace it, you’re risking…

How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced

How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced?

April 3, 2019

As a homeowner, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, when should a roof be replaced? Failing to replace your roof in a timely manner may result in unwanted flooding and high repair costs. However, getting a new roof too soon is a waste of money. To make things a bit easier, follow this guide to determine…